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Some completed projects

Newspaper Bundle


With five different newspapers online in the Caribbean, we have provided an electronic tear-sheet solution that gives newspaper advertising customers immediate access to their invoices as PDF files as well as full access to proof of publication.



Built to allow full text searching of a newspapers archive, Omniarchive.com shows a demo of the system with two years of the Nassau Tribune Newspaper archive that is immediately familiar to anyone who has ever used Google to search the web

fictional Canadian cheque


A production MICR encoding solution for Chequebook producers using high resolution micr laser printing, the Chequemaker system is a  hardware and software bundle components that completes the solution.

etear Customer Testimonials

Freeport News

Freeport Bahamas

“As a customer for many years, the eTear system has been a great improvement for my
day to day task.

The function and usage over the years have been a pleasure; not just for
myself, but also for the customers receiving eTearsheets with their invoices.

The system is efficient and
fast; it is certainly a program that I can’t see myself without.”

el Vocero

Puerto Rico

“It works well for us”


Trinidad & Tobago

Newsday has been using etear.net as proof of publication since 2012

Nassau Tribune

Nassau Bahamas

“The eTear system enables us not only to get bills to our customers much quicker than before, leading to faster payment, but also greatly reduces the time needed to resolve issues such as customers misplacing their bills and asking for replacement copies of conventional hard copy tear sheets.

It’s a great tool that has brought many benefits to our accounts receivable process.”